Recycle for #realmagic – Coca Cola

TEAM: Leona Bergström, Daniel Rosquist, Paula Menyes, Marcus Björk, Ludvig Aggerborg, Elsa Eggefalk, Tove Åstrand


Create a concept, a 360-degree campaign with multiple touchpoints, primarily aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge about Coca-Cola’s sustainability efforts, specifically regarding PET plastic packaging bottles, and secondarily, encouraging 16-20 years olds to recycle all their bottles to a greater extent. The campaign should complement, not compete with (or be mistaken for), Returpack’s Pantamera campaign. These are two strong brands working towards the same goal of achieving 100% collection. However, it’s important that the campaign is not confused with Returpack’s campaign, as one of its main objectives is to highlight Coca-Cola’s own sustainability efforts.

What if your old Coca Cola bottles could magically change shape?

Where creativity exists, Coca-Cola is also present, and that’s why we have developed products in collaboration with other brands and ambassadors that our target audience follows and is inspired by. Here, we don’t just use music as bait; we tap into several other interests that our target audience is passionate about today. Numbers are used to truly emphasize that every cola bottle recycled matters. Finally, this becomes a way to keep recycling enjoyable, and that’s why today’s slogan fits just as well here – Recycle for #realmagic.

But how do we reach our target audience? In our research, where we tried to learn more about our target audience’s digital behaviors, we found that they spend between 6-8 hours a day on social media.

Naturally, we want to leverage this in our marketing strategy. However, it’s, of course, challenging to communicate the message to the target audience if they don’t follow Coca-Cola’s own channels. Therefore, we want the new ambassadors to be profiles that the target audience already follows and draws inspiration from.

Here’s how a collaboration could potentially look like. Coca-Cola develops a pair of limited edition football shoes in collaboration with Alexander Isak and Adidas. We believe that this is a 360 concept that can also be applied in various other areas, such as gaming, fashion, and music.

The purpose of using the right profiles is not only to create an organic flow from Coca-Cola to the target audience but also to make the message more credible. The message we want to convey is that if we become better at taking care of our resources, we can all continue to pursue our passions while simultaneously saving our future.