Client: AVATA
Date: April 10, 2020
Services: Exercise Gaming

The Problem

Kids these days live in front of screens and can have trouble finding time and motivation to exercise.

When Pokemon GO was released, suddenly these people were found outdoors. What if we can learn from that gamification and use it in other ways, Introducing AVATA.

RPG elements

Gain experience and level up your pocket avatar

Walking will make you close your steps loop which will result in gained XP. XP, short for Experience Point will make you level up your avatar. Walking can also trigger you to find items for you avatar to wear. You want to level up because it unlocks a variety of things.

You can also earn achievements like walking 20 000 steps in one day, which will grant you a set of gear for your avatar.

Invite a friend to your guild to keep track of how your friends are doing and compare your avatars.

We have also decided to track your sleep, since sleep is something many people are sloppy with.

All the data is synced from Apple Health which collects data from a wide range of devices.

All these elements combined are proved to keep you hooked and motivated, now for a good cause!